日本で自動車内装金型を約50年続けてきました。ルーフライニング金型では日本のトップシェアです。 この技術と知識をタイの自動車部品メーカーに使用していただきたく2013年タイに進出いたしました。現在では金型だけでなく治具C/Fヒーター等、お客様が希望する物が当社ですべてそろえられる様多種多彩な物作りに挑戦しています。 加えて、ISO9001による管理と社員の努力と誠意ある対応により、真にお客様に喜ばれる製品とサービスを提供に努めていく所存です。


About Us


        The automobile industry that surrounds us continues to run as a top runner in motorization in the world with the themes of “safety” and “environment” Automobile manufacturing is now continuing to grow while undergoing rapid evolution as a global industry.

           We, who play a part in this, have carved history of more than 7 years since our foundation to make molds that are indispensable for automobiles, with the slogan “There is always a mold in something that has a shape”.

           We believe that no matter how much machines and computers evolve, the origin of manufacturing is all based on human consciousness and sensibility.
We will refine the valuable thermoforming technology cultivated through the knowledge and experience accumulated over a long period of time, create it as a “shape”, and take on the challenge of making molds aiming for a higher dimension.

            By pursuing “quick delivery,” “high quality,” and “low cost,” we will strive to establish a living foundation for our employees while providing molds that are trusted and pleased by our customers.


It always seems impossible until it's done. "

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